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Abstract Background


Abstract Background

district training center
Leadership team

Mike Lyle 2023.png

Rev. Mike Lyle

DTC Dean

Emily Heady Compassion Church.png

Dr. Emily Heady

DTC Assistant Dean

Jerry Bohall.jpg

Rev. Jerry Bohall

Academic Advisor

Greg Norwood - (croopped).jpg

Rev. Greg Norwood

Student Advocate

Abstract Background


  • New Students: If you have never taken classes through the District Training Center, and you would like to enroll in the Nazarene Ministerial Course of Study, please complete the Ministerial Studies Enrollment Form.  

  • Class Registrations: Register online. Please provide all the information requested on the registration form.

  • Online registration and tuition payment are required in advance for all classes.

  • Google Classroom: After registering you will be invited to the Google Classroom where you can find specific details about assignments and due dates.  The first class will be an orientation to the course where the specifics of the course are discussed.



  • Please check the course matrix on this page regularly to remain informed of scheduled courses. 

  • Courses and dates are subject to change based upon instructor availability and insufficient enrollment.


  • Standard courses are $150.

  • The SME and Directed Studies are $190.​​

  • Payment is due at the time of registration.​​


  • To review your online file for a list of completed classes and grades, please visit the Student Records platform powered by Breeze CHMS (mobile app for Android or iOS, or via your browser)

  • If you have any questions regarding completed classes or posted grades, please contact Walt Kriner at

  • If you need assistance accessing your online file please contact the District Resource Center (DRC) by calling 804-739-4884 or emailing Jacquie Gomez at

  • Visit the Ministerial Studies Board Page for information on how to submit a transfer of credits request and validation of DCPI courses taken.


  • The Faculty Directory is available via the Student Records platform powered by Breeze CHMS (mobile app for Android or iOS, or via your browser)


  • Correspond with us by email or mail to:

Virginia District Training Center

5906 Harbour Park Drive

Midlothian, VA 23112

Abstract Background

IMPORTANT information
 and guidelines

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY •Integrity in all academic endeavors is vital as an expression of the Christian life. It is required that District Training Center students will not participate in cheating, plagiarism*, or other forms of academic dishonesty nor encourage or condone such behavior by permitting it and/or allowing it to go unreported. •All assignments must be the student's original work for the course in which the material is submitted. When a student utilizes work that is not his/her own, proper credit must be given to the source of the information. Academic dishonesty is a serious violation of morality, and academic integrity. •The minimum penalty for academic dishonesty will be the failure of the assignment. More stringent measures may include failure of the course, communicating the infraction to the district Credentials Board & who supervises the student in ministry. *Plagiarism is using another's words or ideas as one's own work without properly crediting the original source.

PAPER CITATION MACHINE This link helps with citations, grammar, and unintentional plagiarism in papers.


GRADING SCALE •Pass with Distinction: 90-100% •Pass: 70-89%

WITHDRAWAL POLICY •Students may withdraw from the course at any time. They must communicate this desire to the instructor of the course and to the DTC Dean. •If they withdraw before the course has begun, they will receive a full refund. •If they withdraw between the start of the course and the halfway point of the course, they will receive a 50% refund. •If they withdraw after the halfway point of the course, they will receive no refund.

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